Cakes and Dessert

We source our cakes from the finest bakery in Houston. With many different options for style, color, flavor, and design, your cake or desert will match your event perfectly. Not only will your cake look amazing, it will taste even better! Add a cake or special desert onto your rental package and have the sweetest memories for your day.


Our in-house catering features a wide variety of cuisine from all parts of the world. Treat your guests with an authentic Latin meal or venture to Europe with gourmet Italian pasta. No matter what meal you choose, you can be sure that our cooks will leave your guests buzzing for more. Take a look at some sample menu options below to create the perfect meal for your special day.



Give your event a deluxe look and feel with our premiere table, chair, and accessory decor. You and your guests will feel as if you entered a palace of royalty and you settle in and enjoy your evening. Our decor package is complete and includes everything needed for each and every guest.

DJ & Entertainment

Once the party begins, the entertainment is the most crucial aspect of your event. Give your guests the time of their lives with our top-rated DJ’s, Entertainers, Bands, and vocalists. From classical to dance music to fun Latin salsa’s, we guarantee the dance floor will draw a crown worth joining. Take a look our various DJ’s social media pages below to learn more!

Rear view of a vintage car with just married sign and cans attached


Grab your ten closest friends and ride to your event like a celebrity! Our transportation options feature the lavish feel of class and comfort and are the perfect way to arrive at your event. Most rentals include plenty of time to pick everyone up wherever they are, so send them the text that their VIP ride is on the way! Transportation options include black cars, classic cars, sports cars, limousines, party buses, and more.

Photo Booth

Remember the evening with an on-site Photo Booth. You and your guests can take candid, funny, or any pose your hearts desire. With options to print or save to your phone, your guests can make instant memories of your special day with our fun and exciting Photo Booth!

Camera Photo Human Photographer Wedding Photography

Photo and Video

Remembering your special day may be one of the most overlooked aspects of planning your event. Our staff has years of experience creating the perfect memories through photo’s and video’s of your special day. All of the images and videos used throughout our website and materials are taken and edited by our staff. Want more pictures or video’s from past events? Check out our Instagram page below.